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Pontic Dogs, a series of short video artworks about Castor canadensis, canals, dykes, dams, queers, emasculated maleness, and non-human built environments.

Beavers were hunted in the Medieval era for their testicles and anal glands, which were said to contain an important medicinal balm (castoreum). Aesop claimed that a beaver, if confronted by a hunter, will bite off its own testicles and throw them aside in order to save itself. Medieval manuscripts illustrate the beaver as an endowed, ferocious dog. This imagery can be traced back to ancient Persia, where beavers are  سگ آبی  (Persian - sag ī ābīg). Literally, "water dog". The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates claimed that the best castoreum came from Pontus, and therefore called beavers Pontic Dogs.