Omicron is a playful exploration of microscopy and macroscopy— radio astronomy, bacteria, and microalgae; human effort, the seeming meaninglessness of tiny lives, unshakable hope, parallel worlds, the seeing of the unseeable, and the power of little things.

This dual-channel video installation/performance centers on video of microalgae, diatoms, and other tiny, single-celled organisms dwelling in a mud puddle in the shadow of the world's largest moving manmade object on land— a massive, fully steerable radio telescope in Green Bank, West Virginia. Both microorganisms and deep space objects can only be seen through scientific instruments that extend the human range of vision. The shapes of the microorganisms somehow parallel the shapes and forms of heavenly bodies— radiant orbs, clouds, and clusters drifting in space.

The video is manipulated and layered to create depth and emphasize spaciousness and the energetic movements of these tiny beings. Sound is a combination of generative synthesized audio and multilayered field recordings of the nearby marsh and forest landscapes. 

35 minutes, dual channel
1080p high definition video
stereo sound