Catalog Publication: “New Media Art 2019” (December 2018) 

Collage Works at the Center for Rhetoric in Society, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA (March - August 2018) 

Noise Gallery "OUTPUT SABOTAGE" (July 2018) 
Berlin Independent Film Awards, Cinema Babylon, Berlin, Germany (April 2018) 
Tlanchana Fest, Festival of Film and Digital Art, Metepec, México (April 2018) 
Animacy: New Video Works by Rachel Lin Weaver, Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, IA (April, 2018) 
Collaboration with Osamu James Nakagawa at SepiaEYE Gallery, New York City, NY (March - May 2018) 
Films Environnementaux, Gabès, Tunisia (March 2018) 
The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art, CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (March 2018) 
The Weight of Mountains Filmmaking Biennial - Symposium, Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada (February 2018) 
Peephole Cinema Exhibition, San Francisco, CA (December 2017 / January 2018) 
Transterritorial de Cine Underground Exhibition, Buenos Aires & Quilmes, Argentina (December 2017 / January 2018) 
LUNA Fête 2017, Picayune Social House, New Orleans, LA (December 2017) 
Virginia Tech: Advancing the Human Condition Symposium, "Story Making as Cultural Work: Exploring Ontological Politics and Social Change in Communities of Struggle" (November 2017) 
Cinema Reset Exhibition at the New Orleans Film Festival, New Orleans, LA (October 2017)
Shared Elegy (Video Collaboration with Osamu James Nakagawa), Grunwald Gallery, Bloomington, IN (October 2017) 
Virginia Tech: Queer Salon talk with Michael Borowski, "Queer Technology" (October 2017) 
SECAC 2017 Panel: "Animal Art: Anthropomorphism, Zoomorphism, and Inhumanity", Columbus, OH (October 2017) 
Artist-in-Residence at Textílsetur Íslands (the Icelandic Textiles Center) in Blönduós, Iceland (August 2017)
Artist-in-Residence at the University of Utah Taft-Nicholson Environmental Humanities Center (July 2017)
Cinema Poético, Muestra Internacional, Auditorio Mayor del Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza, Medellín, Colombia (June, 2017)
Curated exhibition by Media Lab de la Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil (June 2017)
Water Rights Artist Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute: Santa Fe, NM (May 1 - June 30 2017)
Artist Talk at ISEA 2017 in Manizales, Colombia (June 2017) 
Sensing Place Exhibition at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA (May 2017) 
Keynote Speaker at America for Whom? Migration Policy, Scholarship, Advocacy & Activism Symposium: "Screening Refugees" (April 2017)