Mapinduzi is a documentary about the misconceptions, challenges, and future of HIV/AIDS hospice care in rural Sub-Saharan East Africa. Initially planned as a simple documentation of the subject, Mapinduzi metamorphosed into an emotional portraiture. Comprised of interviews and documentary footage intercut with video diaries, Mapinduzi explores the impact of HIV/AIDS in rural communities, and chronicles war, the loss of idealism, and change in perspective when faced with overwhelming tragedy.

Exhibited in three forms, Mapinduzi can be both feature documentary, short documentary, and video art installation. (HD Video) 

Written, Directed, and Produced by Rachel Lin Weaver
Additional Writing and Cinematography by Michael Loruss

Produced in 2008/2009
HD (1920x1080)
Duration: 58 minutes
Short Version duration: 27 minutes