Kenai (16mm 2013)

Kenai is an experimental film and accompanying performance piece about parallel climates, a shared family story, wolves, Alaska's spring breakup, the murkiness of childhood memories, and a dead humpback whale. The film centers on a family story from decades ago on the Kenai Peninusla, and the artist folds archival footage and family home movies shot on 16mm into the project, which eventually dissolves into new footage shot in remote northern Iceland. The artist attempts to reconcile loss and the past with the confusion of memory by returning to an old story within a new foreign landscape. The new space feels familiar in some ways (the spring thaw, glaciers, the coast, even the animals), but the landscape is still so very different. Love is the only constant. Sound consists of field recordings, interview voice over, and cello accompaniment. Sound for the work can be narrated and performed live in the theatre by the artist if requested.

16mm transferred to 1080p
27 minutes