Húnaflói is a mulit-part video art series about searching, carbon, love, intersections, fishermen, scientists, personal memory, fish memory, and the things fish tell one another. This project was supported by The Weight of Mountains filmmaking residency program. 

Set in the fishing villages around Húnaflói bay, in far northern Iceland in the dead of winter, Húnaflói explores questions of loss, fluidity, and remembering at the intersection of a tiny community's cod fishermen and their work on the Greenland Sea, and the village's unlikely resident marine biotechnologists and fisheries scientists.

Fishermen go to sea looking for fish to catch and kill-- sometimes they catch fish, sometimes they catch much more than fish. Scientists look to the bodies of fish, they ask the fish questions by studying their physiology-- sometimes they find answers, mostly they find questions. An artist looks for answers and helps the fishermen on the fishing boats. She kills many fish and wonders what we become after we die. And many fathoms down, deep in the gray Greenland Sea, old cod teach young cod how to migrate and where to go, and fish sing and bellow and call out to one another like a chorus of birds and beasts. 

Húnaflói's various parts can be exhibited as short serialized works; a series of moving image vignettes that comprise a larger commentary on searching, fish, and the sea. The work is rooted in truth but plays conceptually with the forces of nature and the supranatural.

As an installation, Húnaflói can be displayed as individual parts, or in a large multi-channel space. Surround sound audio or stereo audio of underwater field recordings taken of fish song breathe and swell and move within the gallery space, HD projection is displayed on a dark wall.

Húnaflói Part I
14 minutes, single channel
1080p high definition video
stereo sound