This is an ongoing series of photographs documenting my homicide investigator father's fingerprints and trace evidence (ie, hair, blood, skin cells, etc) on objects and materials lifted from the family home, his personal forensic science lab, and his various objects. I have been gathering and archiving this evidence since his unexpected death in fall of 2010.

The glowing yellow of some fingerprints is fluorescing caused by a cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming evidence gathering method that my father invented and that I helped him patent. These vaporized chemicals adhese to lipids and water-soluble materials left behind by skin contacting a surface (ie, fingerprints). Once the fumes have dissipated, the result is a permanent, indelible version of the fingerprint that, when illuminated under UV light between 440 and 470 nm, glows a shocking, brilliant, ember-like gold, visible from over 100ft away.

Evidence Series
18"x24" archive quality inkjet print
digital photographs of fingerprints of the deceased
limited edition of 20